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We are excited to share our Reboot 2020 Vision which is focused on:

Refreshing: Getting our basics right. This includes a change to our platform enabling better process, better communications, better delivery. We will aim to deliver:

  • A better onboarding membership process for new members
  • A better notification process that informs you in a timely manner of renewals, signing up to events etc
  • A better way of keeping in touch with a streamlined point of contact contact@pwnlondon.net) and better response times.

As a start, all members will shortly receive a communication on the changes to the website and what you need to do to access your accounts.

 Reconnecting: Meaningful, clear & consistent engagement with our members. We will aim to deliver:

  • Better communications through different mediums
  • Seeking your feedback on what you want and providing the channels to receive and respond
  • A great line-up of events that includes
    • Practical workshops to help build up and improve professional skills
    • Webinars through which we engage the wider community
    • PWN (Prosecco with Nibbles) Networking Events where we simply have fun catching up over prosecco and tasty nibbles

Keep your eyes open for invitations to our events.

Rebuilding: Rebuilding a closer community. We want to get to know you better and for all our members to know us a little more. We will be introducing:

  • The “Getting to know you” series: The idea is to rebuild the network and develop a stronger community. The “getting to know you” series will be delivered in the form of smaller more intimate events. We will start with 2 events this year and if you like them, we will plan more.

So, who would you like to know more about? Send us your thoughts and we will make it happen.

There are a few people from the Christmas party that we met and would like to know more about (yes you in the sparkly skirt, our spirit animal).

Get in touch!

Mentoring Programme

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 2020 PWN Mentoring Programme which will all members are eligible to take part in the PWN Mentoring Programme.
We will host a Speed Networking event on Tuesday 28th January where you will have the chance to meet PWN Board Members, Mentors and Mentees.We have made some enhancements to the programme for 2020:

  • Mentees now have the option to select the mentor whom they feel is the best match to help them. Someone who is best placed to help you to achieve your goals and will be a confidential sounding board
  • We have increased the number of mentors who support our programme; we have both women and men, entrepreneurs, business owners and employees from a range of businesses
  • We are embracing the digital world through an Online Mentoring Platform. This will give you access to all of our mentoring resources, you can record your mentoring goals and review all of our Mentors' profiles. The platform will also help us to send you messages to help you to keep you on track with the programme.

If you would like to join us for the launch, please register here
Any questions about the programme and would like to make sure that it is for you, please contact our Head of Mentoring, Jane Ferré on mentoring@pwnlondon.net

Global highlights

The PWN Global offsite 2019 in Dublin launched the first PWN Gender Balanced Global Awards which was a roaring success. This event is open to members, corporate partners and potential sponsors and collaborators. Planning has begun for the Nov 2020 which will be held again in Dublin.

Do take note if you would be interested in attending. We will communicate further on this.


Call to Action

Finally, there’s a lot we want to achieve this year and we can’t do it alone.

We need your help. Help is in the form of:

  • Hands on assistance across the different streams (events, membership, mentoring, treasury and communications)
  • Support in delivering and hosting events
  • Sharing with us interesting new ideas that we e can act upon.

We also have a few internal roles to fill and we’d love you all to step up and be part of the community. Remember this is the year of Refreshing, Reconnecting and Rebuilding.

We encourage all of you to take full advantage of our offering, to help us shape these by volunteering some of your time to PWN, and to keep the channels of communications open by giving us regular feedback and input on how we can improve the network.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events before the end of 2020!

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