Rashmi Sheth
Head of Digital PWN London

Rashmi is an experienced transformational leader and influencer with a rich history of overseeing business, regulatory, digital and data-analytics projects. She leads change management and has a history of building innovative products and robust processes to solve various business challenges.

She started her IT career as a software engineer and after managing several on-off-shore technical and business teams, moved on to project/program management, delivering solutions for client base spread across the globe. She speaks 6 languages and having worked in multiple cities across Europe, Australia, Asia and interacted with people around the world, she is ever so amazed by how different and similar we all are at the same time.
Rashmi’s previous experience includes teaching Maths and Science to year 10 students and working in Sales and Marketing for a brief period before she found her calling in Information Technology. Diversity and Inclusion are topics close to her heart and she believes there should be a balance in everything. She believes that professionally women need to connect, network and share to not only advance more but also leave a legacy. She is passionate about child welfare and is involved in a number of related charities. She considers it our moral duty to leave this world a bit better than how we found it - and that becomes her compass.